Sound Bites

Here are a few samples of our music taken from our CD ‘Buck Naked’:

Sheet Music for our Original Dance Tunes

For enthusiasts of folk dance music, or if you have attended a dance and would like to have a go playing some of our original folk songs, here follows a short selection of our tunes, listed together with the dance that is called.

Song For David– Paul 
Chase The Cat– Paul (Caerphilly)
Jump The Pump– John (Pumping Iron or Taps Circle)
Mr Floppy – Paul (Willow Tree)
September Rose – John (Rosa)
Salsa Time – Paul (Wee Willy)
Hare In The Headlights– John (Drops of Brandy)
Everything But The Bass– John (Pawn Shop)
Tweaking The Nipple – John (Circle Waltz)
Paddy Goes – John (Paddy’s Party)
Summer Daze – (New Waltz from John)

Explanatory Notes

pass the buck in lights