Jaylee – Jive and Kaylee

For 2020 we have devised a new format for an evening of dance and music. Over the years we have found that while some groups are keen to participate in called barn dances throughout the evening, others want time to chat and catch up with old friends and members of the extended family. Older guests may even prefer to enjoy the occasion from their chair.

We will provide some background cd music while your guests arrive. A three hour event includes 3 – 4 called barn dances directed by John, our melodian/guitar player – no more than 60 minutes, plus 60 minutes of live music including a set from our guest singer with opportunity to do some freestyle dancing. If there is a buffet then this usually takes 30 – 45 minutes.

For those clients who would prefer to ceilidh (kaylee) for most of the evening, then we will of course arrange a caller (instead of the singer).

jaylee - jive and kaylee
new format for 2020, left to right, john, andy, danny, paul.